As my first post on this blog I want to make it special.

Simple but special. That’s always best.

This blog is about a girl and her dog. It will be full of thoughts, stories, and treasures.

Of course as you can see it is not the most exciting post but I believe that perfection only exists in ones mind and not as a whole….

Make sure that the exciting things are made by you for you. Such as siting by a fire (indoors or out), biking into town to fetch the morning bread or post. Noticing each weed in every crack and all of natures colours. You may find yourself feeling as it exists for you and no one else, well maybe your dog!

So this is a post of imperfection, if it is for you, then good, imperfection is an art 🙂

Make sure you Dance in the sunshine …. and the rain

Oh and yes I do have a dog her name is Chloe…


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