The Sound of Windchimes

I wrote this story a while ago (it is not finished) but I love making people want to read on and wonder when I write stories. (Please do not copy anything from the story because it is my own) (The pictures are not though)


as I walk down the dirt path, daffodils line the way, bobbing their heads as if I am queen. The lush, green, bush like forest is quiet as the kind wind weaves through the trees. I can hear the calming sound of water somewhere near me. The blue sky is like another world as I make my way through this one. There is an unused path now to my left so I decide to follow it. There is no signpost or anything. I feel as if I am the only person in the world as the still forest is so magic in its ways.


I can now hear the sound of wind chimes. That is strange for a forest. The sky is turning to evening so I quicken my exploring pace. I can now also hear a faint sound of folk music. I am now very keen to find out what lies ahead where this lovely music is coming from.


I have almost come to a clearing. There is a beautiful creek to my right and it is lined with old, wise trees. On the ground under my little suede boots i can see something strange. Shiny dust. I bend down to look. It looks like powder made from diamonds, glitter. I scoop some up in my hand and pour the dust into my emerald green coat pocket. When I look up  I notice a willow tree. But it is no ordinary willow tree. The tree is covered in white fairy lights.


The folk music is noticeably louder now. So I walk on. I have come to the clearing and i believe my eyes are deceiving me….


…A hear a voice, a small voice…..


…..We were expecting you …..  ……you have come……….


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