Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… uummmm …the title!!

AAAAAAAAAAA and um -two exttrrreeeemmelllyyyy common words (well in my experience)

Like on the news – And now for the weather (aa) reaching to a top of 22 for canberra…
or on the radio “that was a song by … (bands name) …aaaa.. now …
or on just normal speech “How many times have you been on a rollercoaster?”
“ummmmm”  i dont really know

But really it is a bit weird (especially the aaa one!)
We were having a conversation on this over thai food and my mum said that she mostly says “I think” instead.  Then I asked questions to  test her … (she said “I think” three times)

So next time you say aa or um or even i think .. think of this blog….and say to yourself why am I saying this (because really these sounds are quite absurd yet are accepted as words) how, I do not know! 🙂 So ummm oh yes goodbye!


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