A post from Chloe….

I have been a dog for a very long time now.. Obviously I have been nothing else. But I have decided that humans are very strange indeed! I mean they dont even walk properly and they dont have tails. And another thing they stare at a huge black window that has pictures in it of tiny things and it makes funny noises. And when you specifically dont like a brand of kibble you get it. I love senior food and then I suddenly get forced to eat some small breed bickies. They also dont sniff each other and why do they give us baths, oh the dreded bath. Sory I cant spell very well coz im a dog! But I love cars cars are juzt the beztes things ever. They are so fun!. One thing I hate is the wii oh and itunes the terrible sounds… it soundz like a cat with a cold is singing opera..yik!!!!! I must go now and please like and comment, dogs lov praze!!! Woof to you 
    :     o)


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