Are You bored?

Do you need something to do?

Challenge: Detailedly discribe this picture then paste/ write your passage in the comments 

PLEASE HAVE A GO it will help your creative mind…

(or you could write a poem/story)



4 thoughts on “Are You bored?

  1. A soft hand resting on rough denim, butterfly on a thistle. A gesture of strength, weakness and calm.

    A window into a black and white world. Camera, or a moment.

    Hand on knee resting. Harsh, strong, innoccent and Kind

  2. Hand of mine, old friend
    I use you now reflecting dirt of garden under nail
    Knuckles red, swollen, deeper crevices of time and use
    Leisurely resting … of long walks, theatre visits, office working
    No sense of adult mothering,
    Calloused sweeping hand, washing up and scrubbed hand
    A work of a life
    Pleased to see your delicacy of touch and reflect your stillness

    1. Your hand hasn’t changed much!! that is amazing mummy and you need a blog 🙂 I loved watching you write it and it is amazing I’m glad that your said hand of mine that was clever

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