Shimmer- Chapter 2

I am running and my bare feet are pounding on the earth. Skyleir is too fast. No one is late for Granier. I can see her wise silhouette hunched over a warm bright light. Her staff is laying down beside her as if sleeping soundly. I slow my pace down and gently touch Skyleir for her to copy. I’m not sure if I imagined it but I am almost certain that I saw her nod.


 Graneir’s grey long wispy hair is blowing around gently in the dark light. She looks up at me and it is as if she is quietly examining my soul. “Telika sit. And you Skyleir”. We both obey. That woman is forceful. Telika you have shown me great courage. It is time, I think, for you to have your own talisman. “But I have one already.” “A A A” this means shoosh. No one talks over Graneir. “That one, the turtle is a symbol of freedom, it is a symbol, that is no talisman.” Skyleir has laid down and is listening to every word.


Inside the ball of shining light that is levitating in front of Graneir something is forming. A talisman. I feel powerful. The buzzy insects nearby are having a moonlit ball. There music is flowing over the creek. As the talisman is coming into out spot by the river the light is flitting off into the sky to join the stars like millions of fireflies.  “The wolf…” I gasp. Hardly anyone ever is given the wolf. Skyleir jerks up her head to see me in shock and a twinkle beyond compare in the mysterious woman’s eyes.


She reaches out to the talisman and although now in her hand, it still holds its magical glow. I feel amazing. What will the others say? I can see their faces; Elik, Billy, Zha Zha, Golfha, Toleki, Fashana and in particular Flek. Even the other little ones will look up to me. And no one can argue with Graneir. She places it on the very top of my dress near the neck in the centre. It stays there. Telika, you are now of wolf. Skyleir is indeed a wolf and she will be your familiar. Don’t even try to take the talisman off. You can’t.


Girl and wolf, both off us are running wildly back to our shelter. We snuggle down to sleep.


For first meal we had grubs, deer and fish. Everyone, even Flek wanted a look at The Wolf. Skyleir got extra attention and food, lucky wolf. The Wolf Talisman is famous and mostly the boys and men receive it. Mama says that I am the first girl of our family and tribe to ever receive The Wolf.

In lesson today we learn which berries are poisonous, the anatomy of an owl and the words cantankerous and tangible. Mama is our teacher and in lesson all the girls go, even my sisters Billy and Elika. Papa and Uncle Goleshei teach the boys. Tomorrow Graneir is joining Mama in lessons. I have a feeling that it will be magical…


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