Fun in a Jar

Laughter echoes through the day

daisies  bob their heads

running, jumping, exploring too 

As paper bark curls in shreds 

a magic garden, midnight strikes

spices, lights and tea

dancing down the winding paths

and climbing up a nearby tree 

a sunny day

Of sand and sun

a splash of crystal water

we jump and swim and laugh and sing, we never end the fun

Lying about on a warm wooden deck

the day is scorching hot

we lick our ice blocks all day long

t’is a day we never forgot

Sitting by a crackling fire

Block of chocolate in hand

Singing at the top of our lungs

A sound not many can stand

A picnic on the sweet green grass

Sitting by the river

Food, teddies, drinks and games 

We eat cake of much more than a sliver

Buzzing bees, leaves and blossom

A breeze dances a swirl

Bare feet bless the ground we pass

Our dresses spin and whirl

Where ever we are, there is fun to seek

We climb, we run, we play

It amazes many; the happiness we bring

Whether it’s night or day


5 thoughts on “Fun in a Jar

  1. What a happy poem! It’s just great. I hope you are able to enjoy many of the things you describe during the summer. Gramzie

    1. Your poetic ability is truly remarkable, with your capacity to express issues in such an enigmatic way. Keep up the great work and you will be the next laureate! Love from Gaga

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