As it comes up to Christmas once again,  people are hurrying about shopping for presents and busily planning.

There are many traditions when it comes to Christmas.

Are you very traditional??? Is your Christmas very  cultural? Is it winter or summer? White or green?

This this our traditional Christmas….

At my house we open our presents from each other from under our big Christmas tree before going to my grandma’s house

We take our presents for other people and put them under the tree there.

We have Christmas music playing loudly and we all wear nice clothes.

After opening our presents and showing what we were given (which takes a long time) we have Christmas dinner.

We used to eat this in the special dining room inside (but they moved house)

We pull our christmas crackers, put on the paper crowns, tell the jokes inside and see what was inside.

Then we eat….

This is turkey  (not forgetting the crackling and stuffing) and pork sausages with bacon and mince pies and delicious potatoes and nice drinks and roast and steamed vegetables.

Then we have Christmas pudding and trifle and fruit cake (Christmas cake) and recently pavlova

By late afternoon we go outside and play (with presents people got… (trampoline, totem tennis etc…)

Then we play hidey presents

This is where a small present (such as a little torch, bracelet or keyring) for each person is hidden either inside or out in the garden. Each person has to find their own gift with a clue on a piece of paper they were given. But the clue is what it is not where it is but what it is. For example, last year mine was a monkey USB and the clue was “monkey memory” It’s really fun and usually you see other peoples presents before you find yours which is fun! My grandma buys a special gift for each person and I always like what mine is 🙂

After this we often play table tennis…

We are all quite good at that 😀

Last year we had a tournament…

And then sometimes we have a concert for each other…

And then we do various things after that 🙂

I hope you enjoy your Christmas how ever you celebrate it.

Do you have an advent calendar? I just love the excitement of those 🙂

Have fun Christmas shopping 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our Christmas

  1. Thanks for sharing details of your lovely family Christmas. I particularly liked the revealing of the cracker contents – I had never thought of the paper hat as a crown, but it is and I will forever refer to it as one.

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