Learn from the dog not from the page…

I was looking at a book called Zen Poems and Sayings and among many, I found one that made me think; although they all do. It made me realise something important and very interesting. It was so obvious but one would hardly have thought of it. I guess that if something is so obvious but at the same time complicated, it is hidden until you discover it. When discovered you then realise that is just so true and you question why you had never thought of it. Maybe that is what true wisdom is. Hidden.

By now you probably want to know what it was, that one among many, so I guess I should probably tell you.

From the pine tree
learn of the pine tree
and from the bamboo
learn of the bamboo.   -Basho

I really like it…

It is so small and simple but so big and amazing.

Its like a small door that opens up to a room that is big and of huge importance.

It made me think: why would we research something on the internet or even in the book if we can learn from it in its real form.
I said to my mum why should you go and look up a book about dogs when you can go and find a dog and learn from him/her?

I looked out the window and saw a tree and thought why look up something on that when you can learn so much more from the tree itself…

You would also learn so much more skills and gain more knowledge than you would because of the way that you find the information out. Of course, you cannot ask the tree how many cells do you have? or are you deciduous? Yet neither can you ask a book…
Find the tree in winter and learn with your eyes.

If you want to find out what a cricket ball is made from, go and smash it with something… Not only will you learn what is inside, but you may also learn how strong it is, what way it broke, how to break a cricket ball and also what you can do with a broken cricket ball. Maybe you could invent a game with it…

Learning from the thing itself can develop your mind because you must at first find it out. You must think! Do tests. Learn from the mistakes. Be totally lost. But don’t be lazy and just look the information up. You will be missing out on experiences. And no one wants that…

If you have a project on an artwork don’t seek documented information. If you can, go to the gallery, sit in the room. While you are there you may meet someone new, try the best chai latte you have ever had, see something that changes your life You could have been at home staring at a computer screen.

So remember learn from the dog and it will learn from you…


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