Random tip of the day #1

Firstly i’d like to thank my grandma for telling me this incredible tip Now I can breathe properly and smell 🙂

If you have a blocked nose from dust allergies or from dust mites…

Soak 1 tea bag (black tea) in hot water as if you were making a cup of teaHold

d the damp tea bag under your nose a sniff it



If it doesn’t work at first squeeze it over a tissue and smell that…



After a while my nose startd to clear and I could smell the tea



I had it under my nose for about an hour (because im strange) (Don’t worry it doesn’t take that long at all) and I kept dipping it back in the mug of tea



Or you can drink it 🙂



It truely works



Tomorrow learn how to un-crease your shirt 


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