Random snippets with no stories…. yet….

I overheard Cassidy saying that the treatment of the leaf workers, now Zoro is in charge, is very poorly. …

The temperature of the salt water was phenomenally cold on Zebidy’s face. ….

“You’re just jealous ’cause father didn’t buy you no popping candy from New York,” Cassie-Jane mocked to her older brother Amer. …

I could see the spear flying through the air. Then suddenly… PUNCTURE. Skin splayed out. Blood splattering the canvas sky stretched over the desert landscape. …

The steam-punk-like figure dressed totally in spider, lacy black stepped onto the precarious and daunting bridge atop the volcano. The metallic lava below swirling in a waltz of havoc. …

The prominent spears of the barbed wire shredded the sky the morning Colin stepped out. …

… I know! What was Miss Ebineimer thinking? That umbrella that I adorned on that black dress looked amazing…

… and at that moment the world seemed to stop as if someone had reached out and taken hold of the pendulum …. and when that was said the pendant dropped. … (my fave)

The bow of the ship not only parted the tantalising rippling water but it also parted the fog that hung over the town nearby like an unforgotten grudge or burden… (love the simile)



2 thoughts on “Random snippets with no stories…. yet….

  1. I am commenting as you again but this is mum. Amazing imagery and metaphor and mood. My faves are the pendulum and the ship “like an unforgotten grudge or burden” I can just feel the heaviness of that fog all through me. Keep on writing sweetie.

  2. I really like the image of barbwire shredding the morning sky. Its a piercing and crystal clear image that captures the clean sharp feel of the morning sky

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