Facebook Poetry Challenge

Poetry Month Challenge!
Create a short poem using as many of the words below. The person who uses the most words in the most creative way will receive a Walden Care package!

Music, Film, Month, Purple, Circle

Post your poem in the comments below!

This is mine-

I step out the door. It creaks- the burden that the hinges hold. Autumn- month of may. Leaves crackle under foot. The enigmatic swirl of orange, purple, red. They circle round me. The slow music of a nearby stream blesses my ears. Slowly I make my decent… down..down.. to the banks of the morphing stream. Bubbles form. The sepia coloured leaves look like the film from an old camera… This is where I belong.


One thought on “Facebook Poetry Challenge

  1. i feel the music move within me,


    bubbling to the surface and dancing across my skin

    like some silken purple current

    of energy

    of vibration.

    More than a month,

    a single moon

    and yet still the crystal images

    from the movie come full circle


    into my being. stirring me ,

    rising ever upwards,

    in a spiral

    reminding me of things known and things I have yet to know. How can a single film do that

    to me-

    to others ??

    The digital imaginings of something yet to be born,

    yet is reborn within me


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