Destruction’s Anticipation

Seeking destruction
this wind…
leaves stronger than our courage 
holding on to their source

Car swerving
dodging branches
eyes snap shut in terror
as a tormenting BANG ricochets in our ears
off the windscreen

Inner city
people huddle
staying indoors
road work barrier spontaniously swings out
blocking our path
witches hats cackle in the wind
as they are swept away

Man from gym runs out
to help the bare footed mother
as child watches
the view accompanied by the continuous hazard lights

Swamp Road 
winding route home
branches hovering at an alarming pace
all mercy has died

power line flows out
one who holds such power
no longer knows it
it’s near past
a letting go 

Electrician’s eyes are frightened
like a deer in the head lights- split second vision
his posture distorted-diagonal
putting on a brave face
as he battles with this wind
no longer a frail zephyr 

Eyes turn back 
back to that disconnected line
orange, blue and red flashes
reminded of Christmas 
not a time like this
anticipation and fear of destruction

Running down asphalt
after appointment
wind strong
as we push on

Car fighting up drive way
scared of what might happen…
alone in a house
fear of the wind’s massacre
as its noises draw feelings of tears

Car door flung open
child cries out in excitement 
paper breaks free
the wind its opportunity

Hair- tendrils splaying out violently
whipped harder than cream…
break into a sprint
bag is desperately ejected

Drop first piece of paper
to go and catch the other
one left to rest

Hand urgently grasps 
running like mad
cold lurking
finding its way in

She falls
leaves a tornado
as leg comes into contact with grass
a painful and forced meeting

Throat in pain
dry and grasping 
for air
as she semi falls into the warm
blessed house

what will be left?
natures sweep 
of the land…


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