When birds fly high through the clouds they lift their hearts and heads and songs. Nature teaches us that to succeed we must look to our surroundings and ..well.. camouflage in order to fly

This is not always easy…
She was drowning
Lungs filling with hot tears
Curled up
But no one knew…

Fiction, fiction, fiction people! -still possible though…

Don’t look so morbid! Life is not all fine and dandy NO &%$*&^%*%&*^%^&$%^* WAY!!!!!
But “open your eyes and see”*Edsheeran* you are here for a reason. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t found it yet…
“Notice what no one else notices and you’ll know what no one else knows…” *Cityofember*

The whole purpose in life (apart from 42 (which btw is double my favourite number)) is to find your gift and share it with the world…

Yes, “The worst things in life come free to us” *E.S* BUT so do the best 🙂

xxx C 


3 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. yep life isn’t all fine and dandy, but it is definitely fine and interesting,
    birds fly high above the trees AND the clouds.

    And spring always comes after the winter

    we are here for a reason and it is our path to find that purpose.

    and I think often those answers come from our heart and not necessarily our head.

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