New Name

I need some opinions…
As the name ‘Dancing in the Sunshine‘ was inspired by living on a 93 acre farm with sun and grass and the like…. (and now I am a city dweller) it is no longer relevent…

What do you think, should I change the name?
Also ‘the story of a girl and her dog, surrounded in green‘ is not true now either as Chloe doesn’t live with us and I am not surrounded by green!

If so, what should I change it to? And, of course would that mean changing the subjects/ feel of the blog to a more city and manmade content and feeling? Is that a good thing?

All opinions will be taken into account 🙂



5 thoughts on “New Name

  1. No matter where you are, you can still dance in the sunshine. I really like that name. It is bright & cheerful. In case you didn’t know who sent the comment about the vine, it was me. I forgot to sign it. Love Grandma

  2. I agree that you can dance anywhere in the sunshine,

    Lots of people I know have changed their names at important points in there life. Names then reflect the new phase or chapter or in fact the next book in the series of their lives.

    Maybe only the subtext changes, It could be called Still Dancing in the Sunshine, or
    metaphysically … Still AND Dancing in the Sunshine.

    Any blog is a journal of reflections, I guess, and so I would suggest to write about all the weird and wacky adventures and impressions of now living in the city.

    So the challenge then perhaps is to find the subtext of the title, like looking for the green life amidst the manmade landscape, finding the cracks where the light and nature gets in

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