Emotional Sea-surge/ Systems failing

So my organs are failing.
I am my own submarine.
Systems failing.
Molecules raging.
Systems failing.
Cranium becoming concave, electric.
Encephalon failing.
Eyes hot, dry, calling.
Tear ducts failing.
Rational thought is lost.
Nerves are failing.
Adrenaline surges, coils; churning like stomach.
Happy is failing.
Windscreen, view, is contaminated.
Eyesight failing.
Head hurts, aches, spins.
Tolerance failing.
Alarm sounds, ration ends, silence falls, thoughts surround, night’s here.
Feels like failing.


7 thoughts on “Emotional Sea-surge/ Systems failing

  1. Very enigmatic but so objectively realistic, rather than emotive from subjective viewpoint. But such is life! Matter of fact. Gaga

  2. that poem reads to me like a storm tossed boat out on the sea, riding out the gale, feeling the full force and the fury….. but then great Sailors never learnt to sail in the harbour.

    إن مفاتيح الأمور العزائم
    “Determination is the key to everything.”

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