See in this life, you have a purpose. For some it isn’t clear, like a fog-clad mirror. The answer would be so clear if one just remembered to wipe it clean.

That’s just it. It’s not always clear. Never easy. Never will be. But if you couldn’t handle it, you wouldn’t be here. That’s life.

You could paint in a silver lining. Dash it in a sugar coat. But unlike people, who, when masked, show their true identity.. life… – it just doesn’t.

I could apologise for this, perhaps you did not know the raw truth, but I won’t. I can’t.

You see in life, apologies are like the sun after rain… there is always relief. As much as you’d like to think it not true, it just doesn’t cut it. It doesn’t make the mirror all clear, just shinier, hazier, less useful.

Perhaps our brains choose what they want us to see. Perhaps the eyes know more than our conscious. Perhaps those who slip through the cracks, the misfits, the outcasts have mastered reality, its enigma and power beyond imagination. They don’t coat it, yet life is more magical.

If only one remembers to stop and dust away the sugar.


2 thoughts on “Salt

  1. There is a depth of understanding in your poetry Ciara which indicates your understanding of personality; something like Thomas Hardy’s writings of 19th. century! Awesome, though deep. We all have ability & strengths, though they are more obvious in some than others, and the the less conventional may be hard to understand by some folk.

    Love Gaga

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