What If I Was Crazy?


Maybe we’re all just crazy
Unhinged, deranged, mad as a mercury-consuming-hatter

What if all our minds are filtering all this media propaganda about what shoes to wear, what diet to eat, what makeup makes you more acceptable, how to live, everything ‘satanic’ about gay marriage, everything wrong with not fitting into society.

Secretly in the back of our minds we dwell on whatif? What if? What if?


What if you didn’t buy that perfume, what if you went outside in bare feet, what if you didn’t puree our fruit and add chia seeds, what if you broke a nail, what if you dressed how you wanted to?

You tell me…



Why put yourself up to be judged? Every opinion is different. What does it matter? Live Standout Be a misfit! It doesn’t matter!


You have a choice! Be different! bE QuIRky! wHo CAres? Everyone is mad! Barking mad! “We are all mad here” so find your own Wonderland world.


2 thoughts on “What If I Was Crazy?

  1. What if there were no “what if” ? We do need “what if” even though we can’t change the past, except in our memory theeof. “What if” is fun to play with, as long as it is not taken too seriously. “WHAT IF”?

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