Castlecomer Fire Alarm Tour

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 <– Fabulous song (Fugitive)

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Castlecomer have a brand new song called Fire Alarm. Fire Alarm was written after a fraught 24 hours when the band were at their lowest. They had lost a sense for what they were doing and had absolutely no idea what was next.

“We started this band because we were five best mates who wanted to play shows and drive around the country. For several years we did, we played everywhere and along the way, everything was DIY; self-managed, self-booked, we did our own art, we hosted parties and shows in our own houses and backyards and that built into playing venues, and then gradually we sold those venues out, then bigger ones, and over that whole time everything was fun and going extremely well. Then a few things happened at the same time: we signed to a label, and a few of our parents got sick so we stopped touring for a while. Everything quickly got confusing and started to feel weird…

Fire Alarm was written on the night we parted ways with our label… the five of us sat around exhausted and scared, feeling guilty that all our problems paled in comparison to those around us, however not wanting this band that we’d worked so hard for, to end. That night Bede had a dream and the next morning we had Fire Alarm. He played it to us, we all picked up our instruments and started to play and it felt new and different and fun. We booked studio time the next week with JP Fung who we knew could produce the track how we wanted it, and he absolutely nailed the intention and the sentiment. The songs are just flowing from nowhere and we love them. We’ve turned a corner, and we can’t wait for our fans to hear this new tune.

Fire Alarm can be anything to anyone, but for us it’s a war cry for anyone who has experienced love, death, failure or success.”

Castlecomer have been doing things the old fashioned way since their inception in 2012. Hitting the road in their beat up Tarago, the band took The Beatles “Hamburg” approach to touring, playing approximately 500 shows across Australia over 3 years.

Constantly touring built the band a dedicated fan base and enabled them to craft and hone their live show – leading them to sell out 4 headline tours including several Oxford Art Factories, play several festivals including Secret Garden and a 4,000 strong crowd at Woodford Folk Festival in 2014, and supported a swathe of awesome Australian bands including Art Vs Science, Kingswood, Husky and The Griswolds. During this time they released their “Lone Survivor EP”, and the “Miss December EP” which they recorded with Tony Buchen (The Preatures, Thelma Plum, Loon Lake), which gave them a great start at community radio nationally with rotation singles “Fugitive” and “Miss December”.

Since that fateful night, Castlecomer have spent the best part of 2015 writing and demoing for their debut album. It is a work in progress… Now it’s a new page for Castlecomer, they are dying to share their brand new track Fire Alarm, and get back out on the road to test out their new songs and their new sound for their fans.11141282_1037725286260120_1609848704172693543_n


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