Branding for comfort

A diagnosis isn’t something that’s wrong with you.
It’s something that makes you you.
It can get you down sometimes, especially if you have this whole long list of things ending in D – for disorder. Labels are for jars not people. Boxes and for things not people. There’s all these symptoms, tests, spectrums, three letter acronyms…

Office blocks full of people waiting to stamp a category on your forehead.

You go in as you. You come out as someone who is a part of a society who is different. You are DIAGNOSED. All these fancy, fragile words that just mean human. All these words for the robots’ comfort.

You’re curious, and like to take everything in-ADHD
You are struggling… You have a disorder.
If you a are a little different… there’s a word for that. There’s a disorder for that. There’s a spectrum for you. There’s a syndrome for you. There’s a medical ‘excuse’ now. Now people can understand what’s ‘wrong’ with you.

Now you’re even more isolated, with a brand across your forehead; a part of ‘broken society.’

“We don’t talk about ‘them’…”
“I know that type.”
“Oh you’re one of those…”




One thought on “Branding for comfort

  1. Been trying to think of a reply or comment It’s hard sometimes to find words that can reflect on something that kind of days it all

    Boxes drawers labels football clubs or codes beliefs Tastes preferences religions Politics

    All the stuff of life Not all of it helpful
    I guess the labels we place in ourselves are the Hopefully the most important and influential

    It’s what makes us similar that counts

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