Burning Hot in the Ice of the Heart

Heart of frozen thorns and black ice; razors spiking and puncturing the brain; contorted thoughts

The princess in her tower of lies
Burning with the pain of her suspects

Tongues writhe
Eyes are averted

A fabricated drama
Misunderstandings turned into a long-lasting affray

Ice crackles on the flicker of a tongue
The face plastered to dart boards
Flying metal spikes

A macabre and intrusive scowl
Waiting for the next remark to kill prey

Mortal conflict
lashes of whips

Ego burns hot in the ice of the heart.


3 thoughts on “Burning Hot in the Ice of the Heart

  1. Fire and ice
    Natures paradox
    Both have their time and their place
    Consciousness loves contrast the Mystics tell us
    Life is weather
    And sometimes it’s four seasons in one day Sometimes in an hour

    On on

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