High in Hell

You on your fake pedistal
high up beyond me
it’s fraud
i see through you
you are nothing
you know nothing
you are no more than me

your authority is nonexistant
your talent is no more than mine
you think you have widsom
you think you’re entitled

well hun, prepare for a rude shock
you’re noone’s angel in the real world
you won’t be adored
you are not entitled to anything


One thought on “High in Hell

  1. That’s a fierce and fulsome statement
    Unwrapped , unpacked and full of fire .

    Not everyone has to like us We don’t have to like everyone or everything

    Our opinion is our opinion It is what it is .

    I always say someone’s opinion of me is none of my business

    Onward and upward

    Have a year ahead of delight and dance

    Remember to breathe

    Don’t take anything too

    Have fun

    Move your body

    Eat well, drink good water

    Make art

    Make jokes

    Write more


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