It’s not a quirk.
If one more person treats my badly because of my anxiety I will lose it.
“Why can’t you just…”
“I’m sure it’s not that bad…”
“Why didn’t you…”
“Stop being so paranoid…”
Shut up okay. No. That’s not how you treat someone. I’m not being rude. I’m not ‘off with the fairies.’ I am a human being. I deserve to be treated like one. It’s not okay for a neurotypical person to walk all over me. Stop sighing. Stop being selfish. Start treating people with anxiety as they deserve to be treated. Because one day while you’re getting annoyed at the person for being ‘flaky’ or for saying sorry too much… one day you’re going to lose that person. You’re going to lose the most genuine person you have even met just because they were different from you. Just because you had to put in the extra effort. They’ll be gone. Off to find people who accept them for being human…


One thought on “Anxiety…

  1. Hey I agree pretty much with that I’ve seen that happen too Some people get scared of it But acceptance and understanding is the only thing that frees us

    Advice is always best given when it’s asked for …
    Unsolicited advice Usually sucks and says more about the needs of the giver than the recipient
    Mike drop

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