My Other Blogs

Hi Guys!

I’m so glad to have so many subscribers to the first blog I ever created! So thankyou very much and keep on reading (or subscribe if you haven’t already)!

If you didn’t know: I have 2 other blogs  These are:
1. The Rainbow Project –
a blog featuring a gallery of many photos of the colours in the world around us…

2. Tiny Secrets of Nature-
to be honest, I rarely use this blog. But this is due to lack of a worthwhile number of followers/subscribers. This features photos, poems and thoughts etc of the smaller natural wonders on this planet.

My beautiful dog Chloe also has a blog full of fun photos and doggie writings:
Woof From Chloe can be found at

Chloe tries to get on here as often as possible. But unfortunately she currently is on a big holiday living with someone else… But it is still worth visiting and subscribing!

I hope you enjoy all my blogs (and Chloe’s) and I’m always looking for contributions of photography relating to the blogs…



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