Goodbye 201(666)

I hate these new years revolutions things… No one ever sticks to them… They just make people feel better at the time… but I’m going to do a bucket list (things to do before 2017 kicks the bucket) I’ll update it each time I actually do the thing… if … Comment suggestions if you wish… please be reasonable.. nothing too illegal ­čśŤ

1. Not die (obvious but reasonable)

2. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger (flower on a car, leave money at a parking meter etc)

3. Write poetry whenever I need a release

4. Bake something every month

5. Get more than one A on my school reports

6. Read at least one novel completely

7. Write people I love notes and leave them secretly

8. Swim in the ocean this summer *(6/1)*

9. Buy a new pair of shoes

10. Watch movies and snuggle up with someone I love

11. Have and commit to a movie marathon


My Ocean

It’s a kind of storm. Out at sea.
My head is an ocean… sharks, shipwrecks, huge overwhelming waves.
The water falls out my eyes. The ocean is too full.
Boats crash on the rocks. The impact is felt on my temples.
Thunder roars in and over me and hot tears rip down my face.
All is quiet. Just drowning. Too much ocean. Stillness.
Impact. Collision with rocks.
It starts again. The storm. The swell. The over-flow. My ocean…