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Goodbye 201(666)

I hate these new years revolutions things… No one ever sticks to them… They just make people feel better at the time… but I’m going to do a bucket list (things to do before 2017 kicks the bucket) I’ll update it each time I actually do the thing… if … Comment suggestions if you wish… please be reasonable.. nothing too illegal 😛

1. Not die (obvious but reasonable)

2. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger (flower on a car, leave money at a parking meter etc)

3. Write poetry whenever I need a release

4. Bake something every month

5. Get more than one A on my school reports

6. Read at least one novel completely

7. Write people I love notes and leave them secretly

8. Swim in the ocean this summer *(6/1)*

9. Buy a new pair of shoes

10. Watch movies and snuggle up with someone I love

11. Have and commit to a movie marathon