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Sewn Wounds

This door was never locked like your heart
Just closed
Nights end unlike thoughts of hope
Candle light
Tiny clovers spread out of the cracks
Of a brick wall
Cuts and bruises
Fairy lit nights
Strings of guitars play with hearts and sound waves
Fractured bones
Split minds
And then you take my hand
And the wounds
Sew themselves shut -16/10/18


It’s blank

The walls

The light bulbs

These words

Rain on bus stop shelters

Wind that ripples the matted fur of stray dogs

Street lamps illuminating gutters

Thick city pollution

Bus engines churn like turning stomachs

Bare feet on concrete as hail pummels the mind


This light switches off -16/10/18

These are the nights of craving. Of crackling fires with slender fingers grasping for heartstrings like they do air. Of sweetness. The sugar. Like fresh crisp snow falling effortlessly onto awaiting tongues. Of adventure. The desire to delve dangerously into the unknown. And then there are nights of craving lost sanity. Filling of empty spaces. Creases on whitewashed faces. This map needs more journeys. A few freckles wont suffice for this wanderlust-riddled mind. -22/9