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Fire and Emotion

Electric veins
My lungs erupt into
A chaotic lava storm
Flowing like hot rivulets through
My skin
This tempest
These ribs
Under pressure
Boiling over
Insects of fever crawl
All over me
Taking over
Boiling over
Flowing like hot rivulets
Through my skin -19/4/19


Held Back

I’m being pulled back
Bungee cords attached
To my heart strings
They stretch
I fight
I fail
I fall
I fly
Then stop
Held back
What is progression
My mind rewinds
My lungs inflate
And I’m still – 19/3/19

I’m Scared Because I Love You

You annoy me.
This whole thing called life
It’s a chore.
You conjure my tears.
You provoke frustration
Pain, irritation, and anxiety.
You scare me.
Because I love you.

You say you can handle me.
But I’m a thunderstorm.
I will drag you through sleet
rain, hurricanes and lightening.
You’ll question everything.
You’ll go insane.

But don’t be so fragile.
Not everything is about you.
I let you be mad.
I let you have your time.
So don’t result to self loathing.

You drive me insane.
Another would have left.
I’m scared.
Because I love you.
Even if I don’t want to.
But I know I do.

I guess I just want it to be safe.
To be easy.
We have amazing conversations.
We make each other laugh till we hurt.
I’ve given up on a fairy tale.
They have fantasy creatures for a reason.

You see I get so close to giving up.
But I can’t.
I just can’t because I love you.
I’d be okay by myself.
If I didn’t know you.
I’m feisty.
But I’m not giving up because I love you.