The Story of Chloe



Chloe was a companion dog for a lovely old lady. When the old lady died, Chloe changed owners…

That owner gave her to us after a long length of time…

….Chloe lives in Australia on a farm and loves the sun and food….

She is nine to ten years old but is young in nature and excitement. Chloe loves lying in front of the fire in winter and snuggling with friends and family. She loves pats 🙂

She is a bitzer…IMG_3641

Chloe enjoys long walks into town and running along the local doggie beach.                                Although old, she is great company and is very inquisitive in her silent ways

Chloe says woof! 🙂 and hopes you love this blog as much as she does… IMG_3934


10 thoughts on “The Story of Chloe

  1. Wow what an amazing dog! You are lucky to have her. She looks very friendly and intelligent. Love your blog!

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